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The policy of interaction of the Editorial Board of the Journal Energetics of Thermal Technology with the Authors and Reviewers of articles is based on the recommendations of the Committee on ethics of scientific publications (COPE)

The editorial Board of the Journal Energetics of Thermal Technology guarantees compliance with:

ethics of authorship of scientific publications;
ethics of reviewing scientific publications;
ethics of editing scientific publications;
ethics of publishing scientific publications.

Key Terminology:

Publisher – a legal entity or an individual engaged in the publication of scientific publications, replication and distribution.

Reader – an individual who has read the published material.

Editorial office – the room where editors edit manuscripts in accordance with the format of the publication.

Editorial Board – a team of editors that forms the content and order of the materials that have passed the review stage and submitted for publication.

Author – a person or a group of persons (team) involved in the creation of the results of scientific research and manuscripts submitted to the publisher for publication.

Editor – representative of the publishing house, preparing materials for publication and organizing the interaction of authors and readers of scientific articles.

Reviewer – an expert in the field of peer-reviewed materials, acting on behalf of the publisher to determine the possibility and feasibility of publishing peer-reviewed author's materials.

Plagiarism – the assignment or claim to authorship of someone else's creative work, by deliberately misleading publishers and readers. It is expressed in the publication under the name of someone else's work, as well as in borrowing fragments of someone else's works without specifying the source of borrowing (without reference to the source).

General obligations and responsibilities of the Editorial Board

After the acceptance of the article for publication and notification of the authors, the editors are responsible for all published materials in the Journal Energetics of Thermal Technology.
The editorial board is working to ensure the quality of published materials through the use of a peer review system.
The editorial Board strives to meet the needs of readers and authors.
The editorial staff ensures timely corrections, clarifications, rebuttals (to withdraw the article) and apologize if necessary.

Editorial relations with Authors

All authors are responsible for the content of the publication.
In case of duplication of the submitted materials in other publications, the publisher or the editorial Board has the right to exclude (reject) the manuscript from the publication process.
The decision of the editorial board to accept or refuse to publish the article is based on the importance of the article, its originality, clarity of presentation, reliability of the information contained therein and its proximity to the topic of the journal.
The procedure for reviewing manuscripts is formulated in the section "Authors Guidelines".

The relationship of the Publisher with the Reviewers

The chief editor of the journal selects a reviewer in accordance with the thematic direction of the scientific article.
The reviewer undertakes to ensure an honest, impartial and timely review of the articles proposed for publication.
To avoid conflicts of interest between authors and reviewers, all articles go through a stage of bilateral “blind” reviewing (the reviewer does not know who is the author of the reviewed material and vice versa).
The reviewer is obliged to give an objective review, to express his views clearly, supporting them with arguments and, if necessary, references.

The relationship of the Publisher with the Readers

The editorial Board informs the readers about the availability of research funding from private or public institutions.
If necessary, the authors inform the readers about the gratitude to the persons who contributed to the organization of the research presented in the manuscript.

Actions of the editorial Board in case of suspicion of unfair behavior of authors

In case of suspicion of unfair behavior (plagiarism, duplication of the article, falsification of results, disputes about authorship) the editorial Board requests clarification from the authors of such articles.
In case of an unsatisfactory response, their employer or the organization concerned should be requested to conduct an internal investigation.