ISSN Print 2541-9552

Articles accepted for publication:

Year: 2019. Issue: 04 (8)   (October-November-December)

Yachikov I.M., Utemisova A.A. Determination of the effective radial coefficient of thermal conductivity of steel tape rolls

Kartavtsev S.V., Matveev S.V. Prospects of application of liquid metal heat carriers for power engineering heat technology of ferrous metallurgy

Kalmykova N.S. Thermodynamic analysis of the possibility of using molten steel as a source of heat in the organic Rankine cycle

Putenikhina O.V. Study of the energy supply scheme for dairy production

Khasanova R.V. Development of an energy-saving scheme for post-cooling of compressed gas due to injection of liquid air separation products

Yachikov I.M., Portnova I.V., Lednov A.V. Investigation of the nature of the flow of a current-carrying melt in a bath of a DC arc furnace under the action of an external vertical magnetic field