ISSN Print 2541-9552

Articles accepted for publication:

year: 2018, issue: 01   (January-February-March)

Petin S.N., Burmakina A.V., Kiryushina K.S. New energy efficient ways of producing hydrogen for generating electrical and thermal energy

Neshporenko E.G., Kartavtsev S.V., Matveev S.V. The use of heat of liquid steel to reduce electricity consumption during melting in an electric arc furnace

Dyomina Kh.N. Problems of energy modernization of the cooling system of the crystallizer of continuous casting machines

Neshporenko E.G. Analysis of the energy capacity of the processes of liquid-phase extraction of iron from ores

Platonov I.V., Kartavtsev S.V. Research of possibilities of using liquid steel warmth for heating and melting metal scrap