ISSN Print 2541-9552

Articles accepted for publication:

Year: 2018. Issue: 04   (October-November-December)

Kartavtsev S.V. 35 years of development of the South Ural (Magnitogorsk) industrial heat and power center: education and science

Bikmuhametova K.M. Natural gas as a source of energy saving for the development of heat engineering of ferrous metallurgy

Neshporenko E.G., Baskakova A.A. Mathematical model of the thermal state of the plate with uniformly distributed purge holes

Vafina D.E. The energy saving technology of metallurgical production with the use of natural gas

Varaksina E.A., Baskakova A.A., Tazeev N.R. About the possibility of using converter gas for lime firing

Tazeev N.R., Varaksina E.A. Analysis of the power-saving reserve of the steam cycle