ISSN Print 2541-9552

Articles accepted for publication:

Year: 2019. Issue: 03 (7)   (July-August-September)

Gordeeva I.S. Development of methods for utilization of coke heat at metallurgical plants

Kozykin A.V. Analysis of utilization methods and prospects for using secondary energy resources in the process of blast furnace iron smelting

Yarovikova E.A. Analysis of the use of titanomagnetite ores to expand the iron ore base of a metallurgical enterprise

Murashova V.N. Study of the possibility of using alternative heat carriers for heat recovery of liquid steel in continuous casting machines

Matveev S.V., Kalmykova N.S. Investigation of the effect of the initial thickness of the steel slab on the length of the sheet rolling complex of the metallurgical enterprise